Saturday, December 31, 2011

Studies and Ysolda

Some studies after Burne Hogarth. Digital with a pencil-y brush and a paper texture. I fully recomend. I learned a lot about hand anatomy.

Two more Game of Thrones studies..
He knows nothing:

And one fugly swamp.

Almost forgot about Ysolda there, it's a well known fact that she likes mammoth tusks!

THAT IS ALL! Let's hope for a more productive 2012 for everybody!

Some catching up

I realised that i haven't posted some of my more finished illustrations here, so, i'm-a do just that!

This was done for a contest on Deviant Art hosted by Reiq. Got 5th place. Happy with that. : D

Done for a Rift challenge, also on Deviant Art.

A fan-art of Ken Masters from Street Fighter. Just a guilty pleasure. : D

Personal work, from the times (last year) when i was starting to timidly introduce backgrounds in my paintings. I realize the perspective and anatomy errors, but still i'm a bit fond of this one.

Fan-art of Andariel The Maiden of Anguish!! Dude just wants that Stone of Jordan! : (

Done for a challenge over at CG HUB. Star Wars re-design. We've got a fishy situation here, but Luke will save the day.

And Han will get the girl!

Quicker than the others, just applying some stuff from a study. Worked with pixels locked and selections. That's why the edges are a bit stiffy.

A fan-art of Shinnok, the fallen elder-god form the Mortal Kombat universe. More experimenting with backgrounds and blending the character in the scene. Still some stiffy edges. I'm trying to find a balance between clear edges and painterly look.

Since i was in a MK vibe, here's Mileena too. (You don't wanna know what's under there.)

Finally, a personal work to break the fan-art train i was on. Should do more. Way more.
Btw, i tried to make some scale mail under the plate armor, and totally failed. If only i could have channeled Brad Rigney's powers for 5 minutes.

Long post is long. I'll follow this one with some more studies, and usual stuff.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GoT studies?

Pisses me off beyond belief when i don't get the likeness right. But hey, i guess that's not the most important thing when doing a study. OH WELL, OH WELL..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Orc's demise

A quick one applying stuff from study. Going for the atmoshpere rather than details.

10 Self-portraits

Trying to do the 1 portrait-a-day gimmick. These are a few highlights i guess..

Hurp DURP!

Posemaniacs stuff

Croquis done after -
With a pretty fucken-A pencil emulating brush from Jean Ditlev -
On this seamless paper texture that i made:


Some movie-slash-concert-slash-tv-show-studies! : O

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Fun and quick thingie. The kanji stands for 'lightning'. The background is supposed to be transparent, but meh, it is if full-viewed.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Stuff

Testing the upload situation, we've got some demons here, and an Andrew Jones inspired image.