Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A wild new post appears!

And a wild new post appears where I show some stuff from a bit before the 30daysRPGchallenge, and a few extras from that.

A book cover for Blitz by Alexej Pehov. It's either a re-release or it's for a specific country, because you can find an alternate cover for it online.
A process of my zombie, and a line version of the final one from the RPG challenge.

Testing a brush for lines. Luvd it!
Luv also playing as Makoto in Street Fighter 4. For some reason, I find her to be a decent pick for beginners. You can do damage without relying on huge combos.
Sketch based my friend Robert's character, Splinter. He has a wig here.
Le study of le Vera
Grandmaster study, after Brad Rigney's orc.
Joaquin Lolix

Monday, August 18, 2014

30 day RPG challenge - Week 4

The final chapter is here. In this one I focused more on the villains, then brought it back to the heroes for a final look at their aspect and skills. The gist of the story is that the group arrives near the assaulted city, with the flying fortress looming overhead. They find a lot of undead on the ground, and it seems a lot of the city's population is converted too. Someone knows of a secret bandit hideout and they suspect they will find some survivors there that could also lend a fighting hand, but as they arrive there, they are ambushed by more undead. After surviving that, they find the source of the undead plague and deal with it.
Following this, with the help of their transporting jelly they head upwards to embark the flying fortress, while fending off dragons and other flying terrors, and land to meet the master of that place and defeat him.

With this I conclude the #30daysRPGchallenge and I must say it was an interesting journey and I've learned alot, discovered some things that work for me technique-wise, and also made some friends.

Thanks to the people who started this initiative, Henry Tan and Fredrick Willy, the man that particulary inspired me to start it, Rudy Siswanto, and the many others who have done it alongside and contributed to the inspiration: Lius Lasahido Leo Ren Agus Yunanto Hendry Iwanaga Josh Corpuz Billy Christian and many others, as well as a reminder to my Romanian pals to keep at it Liviu Boar Andy Thomas Butnaru. And many thanks to the many people who have added me and showed their appreciation for this, it kept me going! : D

Let's get into it then: 

22 - Mythical Creature - Not so mythical after they descend from the floating fortress and terrorize the cities.
 23 - Stronger Normal Enemy - Looks like our faithful Royal Guard got corrupted somehow! Someone must be turning undead in the area!
 24 - Bandit lair - Old thieves hideout. The heroes are hoping to find people hiding there and maybe recruit them for the cause, but all they find is more undead.
25 - Stronger Boss - Tuonela, Necromancer Consort. Dispatched on the ground to divide and conquer.
26 - Skill/Spell cast - Multiple Arrows. The heroes go airborne to embark the flying fortress, as dragons and other creatures are circling around and attacking.

27 - Ultimate Weapon - A magical cannon, foreign in aspect, appearing to have ties to ancient godly beings. Very high damage, but it takes a few seconds to shoot, in which the user must not be interrupted by attacks. It also takes a long time until it can be fired again, and it requires a very rare type of ammunition. At the moment of shooting, all sound is muted, and time is briefly slowed until impact after which devastation roars!

28 - Ultimate Armor - Another relic of a past conflict where gods descended to wage war against the world.

29 - Godmode - The main character in his final form, ready for the final battle. The weapon as depicted in image #1 is a lightsaber kind of thing where it has a shorter core that goes in that sheath, but when it's released using those gloves, it's engulfed in white flame and even able to take different shapes. This is an upgraded version to the initial one.

30 - Last Boss. Since I made the concept for this villain in #2, I went out and made an illustration of the final battle here.

That's it, thanks again to everyone for checking and giving your feedback, and above all, thanks to Henry Tan for giving me this prize, I love it, apparently I'm first to finish this.

A compilation of this on my Deviant: http://fav.me/d7vpdr8

Monday, August 4, 2014

30 day RPG challenge - Week 3

Still going at it, it's week 3 and I got to flesh out some interesting concepts as well as transition into the final showdown area. The order of the topics had a knight and a king before the moving forward into a new area part, so wanting to be done with last week's birds and snakes, I made it so the king, along with one or maybe a few knights, escape the capital city from a terrible danger and intercept the hero to tell him about it and summon him there. They end up there to see the area assaulted by a floating giant structure. Presumably an army has also descended to do some damage.

15 - New Armor - A Not-So-Pop-Culture reference!
16 - New Weapon - Something for the elven sidekick! 

17 - Local Solider. Tales of the hero's resolve in the bird/snake conflict spread around, and an envoy of escapees from the kingdom's Capital come searching for help. The kingdom is in devastating trouble. 
18 - Local ruler/king. The hero is led to an encampment where the frightened King awaits to tell about how the Capital is being taken over by a dark force. He is ashamed for fleeing, but it had to be done. 
19 - Home - The Town Portal location. A place for rest, stash loot, craft. Cross-section. Not alot of experience with this subject, but learning.
20 - New Area - The team approaches the Capital and the final chapter starts.
21 - Secret Level - Portal into Jelly Land where the team gathers power-ups for their transporting friend. 


Final week incoming, was fun so far. Check the hashtag #30daysRPGchallenge on Facebook to see more people doing it!

And a compilation of this on my Deviant: http://fav.me/d7tqk8d

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

30 day RPG challenge - Week 2


Week 2 is here, and the story became more focused. After quite randomly doing the Dungeon entrace from week 1 as a snake head, I went forward with the snake race idea which then evolved into them being in conflict with a bird race. They're in proximity to each other via a mountain with the snakes controlling the underground and maybe parts of the surface, and the birds, the top. Maybe the snakes are digging through the mountain, and the birds are launching aerial attacks that's why they were forced underground.

The exact reasons for the conflict were not set because this is basically a visual art challenge so I did not go that deep but I know I wouldn't want an easy choice or a good/evil, but more of a question whether these 2 very different races can coexist with each other.

Now, when the hero would reach the conclusion of this chapter, he would make a choice to help one of them, and one of their heroes will join and the other will fight to the death.

I will continue from last week with the numbering of the topics :

8 - Dungeon Boss - Snake Lord
9 - Dungeon relic/reward
10 - City Gate - Avian City, in conflict with the snakes below.
11 - NPC citizen
12 - NPC Merchant. He may or may not run a secret shop!
13 - Secret Shop - Looks like he does!!

14 - New companion - Depending on the player's choice in the Avian vs Snakes conflict, one of them joins you, the other fights to the death.

Thanks for checking, hope you dig, and hopefully I can keep the next chapters interesting. Check the hashtag #30daysRPGchallenge on Facebook to see more people doing it!

And a compilation of this on my Deviant: http://fav.me/d7ssn87

Monday, July 21, 2014

30 day RPG challenge - Week 1

Was inspired by Rudy Siswanto who started this topic along with some friends, to give a go at this challenge of drawing an RPG themed element daily. Trying to keep them as part of the same world, although the focus is to kind of do the first thing that comes to mind regarding each theme. I should say that they are all fairly quick.

1 - Me as main character - Spear, of course.
2 - Villain - There always has to be a reason for a mask!
3 - Ranged sidekick - Adventurous elf lady
4 - Transport - Basically the story is me chilling with an elf lady in a flying jellyfish.
5 -Weak enemy - Realised later that wood isn't the weakest of things, but still. Slow. LOW HP.
6 -Tavern - Not alot of experience with interior design. Learning.
7 - Dungeon Gate - Snake Lord awaits below.
Oh well, seems like I went a bit dark with both enviros. This could be turning into some SRS stuff. Like, early-death-of-the-main-character-serious. But nah, anyway, hope you dig! Thanks for checking. Feel free to give it a try. We have the themes set for the first 2 weeks!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sketchy shady stuff. Most dubious.


Long time, no illu! Here's something that will be used partly as a book cover for Sovereignty of Radiance by author Eric Allen Brown. Some designs provided by client. Had some difficulty with getting both the building and the char into frame, but still obtain some depth. Thanks to Alex Negrea and Alexandrescu Paul for some helpful tips regarding that!
  A little panda mascot dude
Fan-art of one of the new characters introduced in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Ze russian 'doll', Decapre.
Fan-art of Dave Rapoza's satirical comic Steve Lichman.
Fan-art of High Templar Tassadar, may he rest in RIP #neverforget
Some side-scrolly quick enviros because i was in the mood.
Sketchy brush test. I heard she doesn't believe in intellectual propriety.

And a horp glorb hurrrrrb

Clawy Canadio-Australian

Cartoony attempt

Part 2: Studies. We begin with them thrones!
Next, we have funny men.
Ha ha. ha. hu. hee he. ha. And I thought.. my jokes were bad.

 A value exercise where you stick to about 3-4 values, and you kinda compress the reference's array of values to that. Cheated here and there with smudge and such. We got Don Derpherp in there!
Back to color, and som-a-dem ladiiiieeeessss!
A SuicideGirls contest entry on Deviantart. Reffin the lovely Khmarynka from Ukraine!

And finally, ROCKS! Because.. rocks.. man! Yeaa! Actually check out this group on FB!

Soooo loonnnnng! The post, I mean! But thanks for scrolling by!