Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hey, super-useful information for whoever uses blogger and uploads image through it. First of all the images go to Picasa Web albums so that's where you find/edit/delete them. So, I wanted to make a post and upload as usual when I noticed that some of the uploaded images were looking.. different. Colors were blown out, some were blurred, I thought here we go, another one of those 'color profile' issues where I have to start converting images, or maybe a monitor failure, gotta love those, but nah. It's just an AUTO ENHANCE FEATURE of google's image uploader! That turned itself on without notice!! GOT! TO! LOVE! THOSE!

So here's where you find it if you have that issue
So thanks for trying to enhance my images and make them awesome Picasa, but I think that's my job and I'll stick with my versions.

Here's an orc. For Spellweaver TCG
That's me moments before I unticked the auto-enhance feature.

And a fan-art of Game of Thrones' Roose Bolton. This is me after I was done with unticking auto-enhance.

A non-enhanced fan-art of Bleach's Cirruci Thunderwitch.
Some digi doodles that could probably use some enhancing, but if anybody is to enhance them, I'd prefer it to be myself!

And some ll1llllllladies done in quite different techniques, either testing brushes or painting styles. All studies. A hard brush one.

A semi hard brush one plus some smudge:
A painterly one:
And a more lengthy one where I failed to catch the likeness of Zoe's pretty smile!
But maybe someone could do something about it. Quick, call the ENHANCE TEAM!