Sunday, April 1, 2018

No title whatsoever

Let's catch up with a few updates:

I'm currently doing some work for the mobile game Coin Master by MoonActive that comprises various themed game levels with a layout and and a few characters/buildings each having a bunch of upgrades. Here's an Aztec level done in collaboration with Ariel Belinco and Cosmin Podar who helped with art direction and paintovers:
Then we have a few of my latest Character Design Challenge entries. Redesigns of The Queen of Hearts from Alice and Launch from DBZ.
 A meeting of great minds: Kylo Ren and Tommy Wiseau. Done for teh lol. Also, Ashoka. Blyat.
A few studies!
Some sketches, some of which may have also been done for the lols.
And a great heroic figure:
Thanks for lurking, kings and queens!