Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A sketchy one

 Happy 2014!.. heh..

So, this is the reason why I didn't post any illustrations in a while. It's my last card done for At least until the game launches and they may or may not need to expand it. I want to say for short that I had a great collaboration with them and I wish the best to the team and the project, as well as Alexander Nanitchkov , the Giver of Cards!

I also have to mention that the naga designs are based of an illustration belonging to Alejandro Mirabal done for the same project. And as always, I took some inspiration from our lord and saviour Brad Rigney !

Another Bleach Fan-Art, this time Rudobone!

 There's a Diablo 3 contest on Deviant. Started some stuff but it's almost over. Might finish them later.

 Some creepy creepster sketch.
 Some fighters of the streets. From memory.

Study time! 2 fairly quick ones after Michael Komarck!

 4 fairly quick ones after llllllllladies!

 I'm 12 and wat is dis

A rendition of the Nolife (recently Somelife) Kripparrian, after I've seen some pic of him where he looked especially square.  You can see his hardcore (recently casual) gaming action here

{ He's Romanian btw. [turned Canadian (recently Greek)]}