Tuesday, July 29, 2014

30 day RPG challenge - Week 2


Week 2 is here, and the story became more focused. After quite randomly doing the Dungeon entrace from week 1 as a snake head, I went forward with the snake race idea which then evolved into them being in conflict with a bird race. They're in proximity to each other via a mountain with the snakes controlling the underground and maybe parts of the surface, and the birds, the top. Maybe the snakes are digging through the mountain, and the birds are launching aerial attacks that's why they were forced underground.

The exact reasons for the conflict were not set because this is basically a visual art challenge so I did not go that deep but I know I wouldn't want an easy choice or a good/evil, but more of a question whether these 2 very different races can coexist with each other.

Now, when the hero would reach the conclusion of this chapter, he would make a choice to help one of them, and one of their heroes will join and the other will fight to the death.

I will continue from last week with the numbering of the topics :

8 - Dungeon Boss - Snake Lord
9 - Dungeon relic/reward
10 - City Gate - Avian City, in conflict with the snakes below.
11 - NPC citizen
12 - NPC Merchant. He may or may not run a secret shop!
13 - Secret Shop - Looks like he does!!

14 - New companion - Depending on the player's choice in the Avian vs Snakes conflict, one of them joins you, the other fights to the death.

Thanks for checking, hope you dig, and hopefully I can keep the next chapters interesting. Check the hashtag #30daysRPGchallenge on Facebook to see more people doing it!

And a compilation of this on my Deviant: http://fav.me/d7ssn87

Monday, July 21, 2014

30 day RPG challenge - Week 1

Was inspired by Rudy Siswanto who started this topic along with some friends, to give a go at this challenge of drawing an RPG themed element daily. Trying to keep them as part of the same world, although the focus is to kind of do the first thing that comes to mind regarding each theme. I should say that they are all fairly quick.

1 - Me as main character - Spear, of course.
2 - Villain - There always has to be a reason for a mask!
3 - Ranged sidekick - Adventurous elf lady
4 - Transport - Basically the story is me chilling with an elf lady in a flying jellyfish.
5 -Weak enemy - Realised later that wood isn't the weakest of things, but still. Slow. LOW HP.
6 -Tavern - Not alot of experience with interior design. Learning.
7 - Dungeon Gate - Snake Lord awaits below.
Oh well, seems like I went a bit dark with both enviros. This could be turning into some SRS stuff. Like, early-death-of-the-main-character-serious. But nah, anyway, hope you dig! Thanks for checking. Feel free to give it a try. We have the themes set for the first 2 weeks!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sketchy shady stuff. Most dubious.


Long time, no illu! Here's something that will be used partly as a book cover for Sovereignty of Radiance by author Eric Allen Brown. Some designs provided by client. Had some difficulty with getting both the building and the char into frame, but still obtain some depth. Thanks to Alex Negrea and Alexandrescu Paul for some helpful tips regarding that!
  A little panda mascot dude
Fan-art of one of the new characters introduced in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Ze russian 'doll', Decapre.
Fan-art of Dave Rapoza's satirical comic Steve Lichman.
Fan-art of High Templar Tassadar, may he rest in RIP #neverforget
Some side-scrolly quick enviros because i was in the mood.
Sketchy brush test. I heard she doesn't believe in intellectual propriety.

And a horp glorb hurrrrrb

Clawy Canadio-Australian

Cartoony attempt

Part 2: Studies. We begin with them thrones!
Next, we have funny men.
Ha ha. ha. hu. hee he. ha. And I thought.. my jokes were bad.

 A value exercise where you stick to about 3-4 values, and you kinda compress the reference's array of values to that. Cheated here and there with smudge and such. We got Don Derpherp in there!
Back to color, and som-a-dem ladiiiieeeessss!
A SuicideGirls contest entry on Deviantart. Reffin the lovely Khmarynka from Ukraine!

And finally, ROCKS! Because.. rocks.. man! Yeaa! Actually check out this group on FB!

Soooo loonnnnng! The post, I mean! But thanks for scrolling by!