Friday, May 20, 2016

It's time to scroll

Awkward!!! First of all, I haven't updated this in about 2 years. Most of the stuff in this post have been uploaded on FB, Deviant or Artstation, although there are a few first timers here too, but the point is, out of all these sites, this one was the most complete in terms of holding from the most serious illustrations to the tiniest sketch, and I intend to keep it that way.

Secondly, I haven't had much client work to show lately because I've been *slowly* working on something that isn't out yet, so I'm gonna be able to show, actually a boatload of stuff, later this year.

But in-between all that, I did find the time to do studies and other personal stuff, and keeping in mind that this update spans a year + , there is a bit of client work that I can show also.

Starting with a few more Spellweaver illus, A chalice and a succubus. The game is out and it has quite a positive balance of reviews on Steam.

I've also done a few Night elf WoW fan-arts for some players, the characters are called Nylann and Feyawen, and I've had a great time doing them. I'll be happy to do more in the future.
And this is a T-Shirt design featuring Street Fighter characters done for Eightysixed, they are partnered with Capcom, so this drawing needed to be approved by Capcom which was pretty damn exciting, and might I add, because I know my shit when it comes to Street Fighter, it was pretty much approved without changes.
Now, stepping out of the realm of commissions, I heard this song on a stream, loved it and did a thang.
And coming right back to Street Fighter, it is actually one of my go-to topics for enjoying myself while drawing, so I've done various things in-between work, like a Makoto comin'at you.
This R.Mika that ended up on one of my favourite shows on the web.
This other R.Mika done after I've seen some nice plays in a tournament by Marn from Vietnam.
And this other R. Mika when I learned that it was her birthday. Yea, they all have lore-birthdays, but they don't really have ages because they were created in the eighties and some of them continue to look the same in the current iterations of the game. : D
Few sketcherinos, still pertaining to Street Fighter
And a joke.
And another joke which ended up being my most popular drawing ever to exist, with no possibility in sight of ever topping it. It's a basically a comparison of Ken's appearance in 91 versus one of his alternate looks from the most recent game. It very much clicked with the community and got shared on twitter and reddit in what were for me, record numbers! : D
Continuing with random sketches
And some fan-arty sketches. King of Fighters, a Warcraft troll, Tracers' butt, and Randompool.
I saved this one because I did it without a ref, and I thought I captured good' ol Ben fairly well from memory.
Azmodan vs Vikings, yoo! Never finished it yoooooo. RIPPP
G'day, ZiggyD here. You see, he wore a beard once.. see..
Mother of Memes, Daughter of Memes, Holy Spirit of Memes.
From here on we have studies, starting with some lines and grayscales.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

 Pupinia, soon to be first lady of the USA!
And omg i drew some guys wow. Mr roboto
A real gentleman
Best Street Fighter V player, Infiltration. He needs to chill a little bit because the tournament finales have become quite predictable.
Enough with the guys

We into kinky territory now. Enjoy your stay.
 And one special final thing done with a special kind of brush.

Honestly, this took hours to post. Thanks for scrolling, and irregardless of the frequency of it, I can promise I'll keep this updated with everything from Illustrations to memes. For now, it's time to stop.