Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The ghost of 2014!

Happy New ridiculous Year of 2015, when cars fly and Marty comes to visit! It has been a while since last update, but here we go again with a scrolly one!

Did 2 more player avatars for Spellweaver TCG, 2 separate factions, Dominion and Rage. The game is making big steps towards release, the now have a site, and are currently in closed beta.

I will also be featured in a printed edition of Daniel Lieske's webcomic, Wormworld Saga. Honored to have been picked among a good variety of artists. It would be my first time being published in an artbook.
 Fan-art of Crash Team Racing featured in Game-Art HQ's PS1 tribute. Definitely my favourite PS1 game.
Some cartoony enviros that may or may not be used in a game! : D Comissioned by Seppia Interactive.

And before we get to the studies, some more non studies including a LOL sketch that didn't happen (Sivirrrrr), Kylo Ren, poorly lit Blanka, Zodiac Orc and rats!!


And onto the studies, mostly portraits, mostly line or BW this time.

So that's it, see ya in 2016 huehuaehuaeh, hopefully earlier tho. Thanks for scrollin and keep up the good work!