Sunday, April 1, 2018

No title whatsoever

Let's catch up with a few updates:

I'm currently doing some work for the mobile game Coin Master by MoonActive that comprises various themed game levels with a layout and and a few characters/buildings each having a bunch of upgrades. Here's an Aztec level done in collaboration with Ariel Belinco and Cosmin Podar who helped with art direction and paintovers:
Then we have a few of my latest Character Design Challenge entries. Redesigns of The Queen of Hearts from Alice and Launch from DBZ.
 A meeting of great minds: Kylo Ren and Tommy Wiseau. Done for teh lol. Also, Ashoka. Blyat.
A few studies!
Some sketches, some of which may have also been done for the lols.
And a great heroic figure:
Thanks for lurking, kings and queens!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Winter is coming

Off we go then..

Starting with the client work that I can actually post, this is a book cover for Zorn by Michael Peinkofer. The long format is because of the book sleeves.

Here's a Ramsay Bolton as a Night King sending hugs and dogs to everyone.
Me when I found out the character Asui Tsuyu exists.
'member Luppi? 'member Bleach?
Some Heroes of the Storm portraits for fun.

A mermaid
I liek The Orville show.
Patri Balanovsky's sihlouette challenge where I went and done the obvious
Mo'fuggin studies:
He knows what u did last summer:
 F I R E H O C K
More! MORE!

A major

A random
Obligatory Street Fighters

And how 'bout some traditionals?
Firewalk with me my dude
Ladies and gents
 Frubby says hi
This one's ok i guess
One of them is not like the others
Aye that's about it. Thanks for scrollin, stay safe, drink plenty of water!@!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Where the wild things are

Here are some commissioned illustrations part of a project that was supposed to be a mobile game with creature fights and evolutions, similar to Pokemon in it's basic idea, but with more of a group battle system similar to Heroes of M&M. As it stands now, the game is on hold, but I have permission to post these. There are other things I've drawn recently which will be uploaded soon in another post.

So for short, we've got some wolves, ants, birds, lizards, porcupines.turtles and golems here, and these are just part of what I've done in total, those I've ended up liking more.

Thanks for checkin'.