Monday, August 26, 2013

The Traditionarium

Ahoy matey!
These post things get bigger and bigger as I keep forgetting to update, and gaining stuff to post, oh well.

Here's a swooping swoooooshing spirit lady done for Spellweaver TCG. For info about it, here's a FB page:

And a knight, a dark one.
A fan art of Findor Carias from Bleach. Bleaches love Findor!

A few speedpaints i've done in roughly 30 minutes each. On the green though one I forgot the time.

Here i was testing a way to make those fantasy ornaments types with a stroke-layer technique that you can find in this clip at about 7.40 min:
And studies: Dude Dudierrez whose name I've forgotten and I'm too lazy to google now though I could have easily done it while writing this phrase, but it kinda bugs me now. Is it Pablo? Dammit.. Anyway the point is he's playing Oberyn Martell next year on Game of Thrones.
 IS IT JUAN?! Hector?

Here's a hard brush study attempt and a sort of digital alla prima if you can call it that, one layer and such. Hard to get values and colors right this way and it's a good exercise. Looks like Sookehh but iz not!

And some line studies.. what is that guy's name though!!? Jesus.. IS IT HESUS?

Ok.. i googled it, it's Pedro. Pedro Pascal. Can't wait to see him shine next year.  And now that we got that out of the way, here's part 2 where I post some pencil stuff that I've done recently, I'll have to say that the scan quality is not great, but some are done with a very thin lead, like B, so they're a bit hard to read.

I'll start with some Peter Han inspired doodlez. He's dropping some knowledge in some tutorials, you can see some here:

It's pretty fun drawing animals. WHO KNEW? But aside that I've been studying some Bargue too. I know i haven't been doing it completely right by not respecting the size but, I did feel like I learned from them.

While we're at it, here's some pic studies, mostly ladies, and that actor.. Beard.. Hairyson.. wait, I know this, Ian McShane!

 A few not-studies.

And last but not least, Alex Negrea and his lovely wife Dasha came around town a while ago and we got to go to a kickass Rammstein concert. And I also made this as a gift for them. For the sake of google analytics I shall mention that it's an Avatar The Last Airbender fan-art! A story I really love and I do my best to recommend it to everyone. I think Prince we-know-who-ko has one of the best developed story-arcs I've witnessed.

So yep. Thanks for watching. You can stop scrolling now I guess?!.. Dunno. : D