Wednesday, October 5, 2016



I'm still holding on to some client work that I can't post yet, so until comes the time to make another big post with that, I thought to upload whatever else I did inbetween the lines. This post does not contain any Inktober stuff. If I make enough of those, they'll have their own post.

There are a few pages traditionally drawn though, but let's start with the digitals.

See, I already lied! This post does contain some commissions afterall! I was very excited to be approached by Gootecks of Excellent Adventures fame to do a commission involving his crew and a Street Fighter character. I'm a fan of them, and it was a pleasure to work with them.
Speaking of that, I also did an .. unrequested drawing of Mike Ross after a very cool episode in which he did the impossible. He really liked it and kept it as his avatar for quite a while.
Did a few other Street Fighter themed drawings for the lulz and for sweet procrastination's sake. Here's Ronin Sakura. She was inspired by a dream.
Here's Zangief after he defeated 3 opponents. I wonder what's the story there.
Oh and who's this wise old fella?
I also did a quick gift thang for Brentt. It was supposed to be anime but it came out as like something from Batman, heh.
Coming out of the Street Fighter topic (not really tho), here are some pretty fuggen random drawings.
Help me
Also did you know Bleach ended? You probably thought Bleach ended years ago. Well no, the manga ended a few months ago. I'm a fan of Rukia's A E S T H E T H I C, and hair. So there..
I'd teach her how to open juice boxes. : (


Game of Thrones , my dudes:
muh rose
muh frey pie
muh bear

muh bastard
muh .. meh..

And then there are these portrait studies. Seeme like everyday is somebody's birthday. But I love to do them, takes me away from my responsibilities.

Saved some steps from this one

Anyway here comes the reason for that title. Drew some stuff on paper too lately. Mostly to un-rust myself in preparation for inktober. Unrust my shit up..
Lol, you thought i was done with Street Fighter.. Here's Max-a-million.
And here's me noticing that basically the same old man played by Max von Sydow, had some similar scenes both in Star Wars and in Game of Thrones!
Well.. thanks for scrollin. I have a fever. I have to go to the doctor.