Saturday, December 31, 2011

Studies and Ysolda

Some studies after Burne Hogarth. Digital with a pencil-y brush and a paper texture. I fully recomend. I learned a lot about hand anatomy.

Two more Game of Thrones studies..
He knows nothing:

And one fugly swamp.

Almost forgot about Ysolda there, it's a well known fact that she likes mammoth tusks!

THAT IS ALL! Let's hope for a more productive 2012 for everybody!

Some catching up

I realised that i haven't posted some of my more finished illustrations here, so, i'm-a do just that!

This was done for a contest on Deviant Art hosted by Reiq. Got 5th place. Happy with that. : D

Done for a Rift challenge, also on Deviant Art.

A fan-art of Ken Masters from Street Fighter. Just a guilty pleasure. : D

Personal work, from the times (last year) when i was starting to timidly introduce backgrounds in my paintings. I realize the perspective and anatomy errors, but still i'm a bit fond of this one.

Fan-art of Andariel The Maiden of Anguish!! Dude just wants that Stone of Jordan! : (

Done for a challenge over at CG HUB. Star Wars re-design. We've got a fishy situation here, but Luke will save the day.

And Han will get the girl!

Quicker than the others, just applying some stuff from a study. Worked with pixels locked and selections. That's why the edges are a bit stiffy.

A fan-art of Shinnok, the fallen elder-god form the Mortal Kombat universe. More experimenting with backgrounds and blending the character in the scene. Still some stiffy edges. I'm trying to find a balance between clear edges and painterly look.

Since i was in a MK vibe, here's Mileena too. (You don't wanna know what's under there.)

Finally, a personal work to break the fan-art train i was on. Should do more. Way more.
Btw, i tried to make some scale mail under the plate armor, and totally failed. If only i could have channeled Brad Rigney's powers for 5 minutes.

Long post is long. I'll follow this one with some more studies, and usual stuff.