Friday, November 24, 2017

Winter is coming

Off we go then..

Starting with the client work that I can actually post, this is a book cover for Zorn by Michael Peinkofer. The long format is because of the book sleeves.

Here's a Ramsay Bolton as a Night King sending hugs and dogs to everyone.
Me when I found out the character Asui Tsuyu exists.
'member Luppi? 'member Bleach?
Some Heroes of the Storm portraits for fun.

A mermaid
I liek The Orville show.
Patri Balanovsky's sihlouette challenge where I went and done the obvious
Mo'fuggin studies:
He knows what u did last summer:
 F I R E H O C K
More! MORE!

A major

A random
Obligatory Street Fighters

And how 'bout some traditionals?
Firewalk with me my dude
Ladies and gents
 Frubby says hi
This one's ok i guess
One of them is not like the others
Aye that's about it. Thanks for scrollin, stay safe, drink plenty of water!@!!!

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