Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lots of things

Happy new year, yo!

Here's some things from last year mostly that I didn't get to post here. I thought about splitting the post into several posts, but let's make a big one instead!

First of all I'm happy to say that I've started doing card art for a nice starting company called Dream Reactor. Their up-and-coming card game's genre is exactly what I need for boosting my skills in the direction that i wanted to. Here's the cards that i've done, and there will be more to come.

And here's a fan-art of Path of Exile that got me a prize in a fan-art competition hosted on the game's official forums. The game is a promising Diablo style ARPG currently in Beta and in need for support. If you're a fan of the genre, maybe give it a try!

Long time since i've done a Bleach portrait. Here's Ggio Vega!

Some digi doodles

Some traditionals including doodles, studies, and a Mass Effect portraits page done as a present and sent far away!

And some digi studies including an architectural facade that took me a while, ROY BATTY, some ladies, and Misfits.

Probably my favourite scene from Misfits:
And the song that goes with it:

So appropriate to this whole post! Anyway, hope y'all enjoy and have a great new year!


  1. You've got some fantastic pieces here - I mean they are all very good, but some stand out more than others. I'm a great fan of that rough, pencil sketch-look. Brilliant - always a pleasure to see your work.

  2. Great work. Thanks to Mark K, I found my way here, and I'm glad I did.