Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Muy caliente

Hey there. So what do we have here? LADIES! I know for a fact that i'm gonna have to be painting a male figure soon for a change. I'm probably gonna give him mad hips though. So here's a new fiery card for Dreamreactor's upcoming card game called Spellweaver.

And then there's a study of dat Kylie..
 And some quick studies. Tried a charcoal vibe which turned into more of a semi-rendering with values on the latter ones. That's why the lines look out of place in a few parts.
Refs are from one of the best photo galleries on Deviant:  http://gestiefeltekatze.deviantart.com/
This gal knows how to take pictures of gals!

 <3 Kylie!


  1. Some lovely skin tones and shading. Might I ask, what is your preferred medium to work with? I'm trying to get to grips with a Wacom Bamboo and Sketchbook Pro... bloody difficult, especially as I've neglected my drawing for almost 10 years now. Every time I draw something I think it's shite and delete it. Seems I have a long, long road to travel.

    Great work, though :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I'm using an intuos 3 that i have for a bunch of years now and i'm very happy with it. I heard newer ones have the surface texture a bit changed and it consumes the pen tip much faster. :) And as a software, just PS.

    I guess don't be discouraged when you see people who you consider to be better than you. Be motivated by the fact that they were also at entry level once and they grew. So they're all positive examples to the fact that it's possible to become great! : D