Monday, July 21, 2014

30 day RPG challenge - Week 1

Was inspired by Rudy Siswanto who started this topic along with some friends, to give a go at this challenge of drawing an RPG themed element daily. Trying to keep them as part of the same world, although the focus is to kind of do the first thing that comes to mind regarding each theme. I should say that they are all fairly quick.

1 - Me as main character - Spear, of course.
2 - Villain - There always has to be a reason for a mask!
3 - Ranged sidekick - Adventurous elf lady
4 - Transport - Basically the story is me chilling with an elf lady in a flying jellyfish.
5 -Weak enemy - Realised later that wood isn't the weakest of things, but still. Slow. LOW HP.
6 -Tavern - Not alot of experience with interior design. Learning.
7 - Dungeon Gate - Snake Lord awaits below.
Oh well, seems like I went a bit dark with both enviros. This could be turning into some SRS stuff. Like, early-death-of-the-main-character-serious. But nah, anyway, hope you dig! Thanks for checking. Feel free to give it a try. We have the themes set for the first 2 weeks!

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