Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sketchy shady stuff. Most dubious.


Long time, no illu! Here's something that will be used partly as a book cover for Sovereignty of Radiance by author Eric Allen Brown. Some designs provided by client. Had some difficulty with getting both the building and the char into frame, but still obtain some depth. Thanks to Alex Negrea and Alexandrescu Paul for some helpful tips regarding that!
  A little panda mascot dude
Fan-art of one of the new characters introduced in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Ze russian 'doll', Decapre.
Fan-art of Dave Rapoza's satirical comic Steve Lichman.
Fan-art of High Templar Tassadar, may he rest in RIP #neverforget
Some side-scrolly quick enviros because i was in the mood.
Sketchy brush test. I heard she doesn't believe in intellectual propriety.

And a horp glorb hurrrrrb

Clawy Canadio-Australian

Cartoony attempt

Part 2: Studies. We begin with them thrones!
Next, we have funny men.
Ha ha. ha. hu. hee he. ha. And I thought.. my jokes were bad.

 A value exercise where you stick to about 3-4 values, and you kinda compress the reference's array of values to that. Cheated here and there with smudge and such. We got Don Derpherp in there!
Back to color, and som-a-dem ladiiiieeeessss!
A SuicideGirls contest entry on Deviantart. Reffin the lovely Khmarynka from Ukraine!

And finally, ROCKS! Because.. rocks.. man! Yeaa! Actually check out this group on FB!

Soooo loonnnnng! The post, I mean! But thanks for scrolling by!

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