Monday, August 4, 2014

30 day RPG challenge - Week 3

Still going at it, it's week 3 and I got to flesh out some interesting concepts as well as transition into the final showdown area. The order of the topics had a knight and a king before the moving forward into a new area part, so wanting to be done with last week's birds and snakes, I made it so the king, along with one or maybe a few knights, escape the capital city from a terrible danger and intercept the hero to tell him about it and summon him there. They end up there to see the area assaulted by a floating giant structure. Presumably an army has also descended to do some damage.

15 - New Armor - A Not-So-Pop-Culture reference!
16 - New Weapon - Something for the elven sidekick! 

17 - Local Solider. Tales of the hero's resolve in the bird/snake conflict spread around, and an envoy of escapees from the kingdom's Capital come searching for help. The kingdom is in devastating trouble. 
18 - Local ruler/king. The hero is led to an encampment where the frightened King awaits to tell about how the Capital is being taken over by a dark force. He is ashamed for fleeing, but it had to be done. 
19 - Home - The Town Portal location. A place for rest, stash loot, craft. Cross-section. Not alot of experience with this subject, but learning.
20 - New Area - The team approaches the Capital and the final chapter starts.
21 - Secret Level - Portal into Jelly Land where the team gathers power-ups for their transporting friend. 


Final week incoming, was fun so far. Check the hashtag #30daysRPGchallenge on Facebook to see more people doing it!

And a compilation of this on my Deviant:

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