Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A wild new post appears!

And a wild new post appears where I show some stuff from a bit before the 30daysRPGchallenge, and a few extras from that.

A book cover for Blitz by Alexej Pehov. It's either a re-release or it's for a specific country, because you can find an alternate cover for it online.
A process of my zombie, and a line version of the final one from the RPG challenge.

Testing a brush for lines. Luvd it!
Luv also playing as Makoto in Street Fighter 4. For some reason, I find her to be a decent pick for beginners. You can do damage without relying on huge combos.
Sketch based my friend Robert's character, Splinter. He has a wig here.
Le study of le Vera
Grandmaster study, after Brad Rigney's orc.
Joaquin Lolix

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